The interview went well. Really well. Like, I'd be surprised if I didn't get a second interview well. It is a huge leap from what I'm doing now, in every sense of the word, but it sounds perfect for me and something that I know I could do well. It would also mean a very hefty raise...which would be amazing. My fingers and toes are all appropriately crossed, but now I'm going to have a hard time keeping myself from obsessing about it all weekend. The good news is that I know that they're going to make a decision quickly, so I shouldn't have to deal with my nerves for long. One way or the other, I expect to be put out of my misery by Tuesday or Wednesday.


Kurt went out tonight with work, but I stayed home and watched a Lindsay Lohan movie on my own. Saddest story you've ever heard, right? Well, it gets worse. The movie was the worst. movie. ever. Shocking, I know. At least she could have surprised me with a decent flick but no...the Lohan hit a new low with her latest. Ouch.


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