July 23: FML.

Yesterday, I spent 40 minutes walking around outside in a black dress in sweltering heat, trying to purchase revenue stamps. This involved going to three different buildings, dealing with numerous unhelpful people, and discovering that addresses on one side of the street IN NO WAY correspond with the addresses on the other, to the extent that they are even marked. So, #51? Practically miles down the same street from #50 and #52. WTF. I finally got what I was looking for, after a run in with a broken pay phone or two, and I trudged back to the office totally defeated. A 10 minute mission had taken me nearly an hour, through no fault of my own. Just because THAT IS HOW IT IS.

Sometimes, I truly have to restrain myself from jumping into a cab to the airport and throwing myself into the baggage compartment on the next plane out of here. To anywhere. FML.


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