July 11: Blah Saturday.

Seriously...after an awesome weekend last weekend, I had high hopes for this one. These were taken care of today when we both woke up snippy, grouchy and just generally feeling blah. Despite a gorgeous day and a decent night of sleep. I suppose that happens sometimes.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants for a light lunch and for a little drive and really accomplished very little besides that. Oh well. There's always Sunday.

Some friends back home have mentioned that their employers, in an attempt to cut costs, have offered staff 4 day work weeks at a pro-rated salary. Interesting. On one hand I'd say no effin' way am I giving up a day's salary. ON THE OTHER HAND...I would love a standard Wednesday off. Who wouldn't? I could handle two day work weeks. Especially if I had kiddos running around, since it's unlikely that I will be able to be home with them otherwise, especially if we happen to live here, in the land of the $8.99 cereal.

In other news...I am devouring a fantastic book by a fantastic (and Canadian!) naturopath, Dr. Natasha Turner. She is brilliant. I ordered her book, The Hormone Diet, to see if it would give any tips on how to reduce cortisol levels, since I suspect that both Kurt and I are suffering from some fairly extreme stress, just with everything that has been going on, etc. Anyways, it's a really interesting book, VERY well researched and well endorsed by medical professionals from all over, and it's already given me some very good insight on other things I've dealt with, health-wise, throughout my life. Fascinating stuff, and a really easy read. It has a slight slant to the weight-loss side of balancing hormones, but is generally about achieving total wellness...and who doesn't need a little of that? Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those voluntary 4 day work weeks won't be so voluntary come the fall?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just testing if I can comment yet...

x rachel

Anonymous said...

And I can - if I'm anonymous, which i don't mind being. Have just spent a lovely chunk of Sunday morning catching up on the blog. And very much enjoying having you blogging again!

You mentioned you're on a reading kick. I read a great book a few weeks back, called 'What Was Lost' by Catherine someone or other (sleep deprived brain...) Highly recommend.

And SO looking forward to seeing you very soon!

x rachel

Kristin. said...

@ Anonymous - Who knows.

@ Rachel - I'm glad you can comment. Now if only I could figure out how to embed the date into the posts, this blog would be fully operational. However, I'm not very smart with the coding stuff so I can't seem to figure it out.

Can't wait for the reunion...just a few weeks to go!!

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